Reinforcement profiles for roof construction

Lightweight components

Across the transport sector, reducing weight can help to improve efficiency and maximize energy consumption. Ideally suited to a range of transport applications, including the production of electric cars, our lightweight plastic profiles go the extra mile to deliver more mileage per electric charge.

Outstanding crash properties

Safety is a key consideration in the manufacturing process. Our high-strength plastic reinforcement profiles can increase the stiffness of vehicles and vessels, resulting in improved safety and delivering outstanding crash properties.

Extensive possibilities

Completely encased in a thermoplastic compound, the continuous carbon or glass fibers offer mechanical characteristics on par with classic thermosetting pultrusion. The resulting lightweight construction components can be thermally reshaped and combined or welded with additional thermoplastic components to form complex structural elements.

Featherlight profiles for electric cars

The lighter the vehicle, the further it is able to travel with the same energy output. Using lightweight profiles is essential to enable manufacturers to make vehicles and vessels as efficient as possible. Ideally suited to use across various transportation sectors, including the automotive, aviation, shipping and railway industries, our plastic stiffening profiles and structural components offer a lightweight alternative to metal parts, while meeting high safety standards.

Using advanced manufacturing methods similar to classic pultrusion, the resulting thermoplastic profiles, produced with continuous carbon or glass fibers, offer a high-strength corrosion-resistant solution with improved recycling potential. Our profiles offer a flexibility to suit any specific need, able to be combined and connected with other materials as well as shaped to fit exact specifications.

Materials for reinforcement of roof construction

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