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Should I consider thermally broken windows for my building?

Aluminium windows are commonly used in both commercial and residential buildings: they are easy to fabricate, have good mechanical strength and visually appealing. However, aluminium is a good conductor of heat, which results in significant heat gain through the framing member. This means that a higher cooling load is required to cool the building down.


To overcome this, we can tap on the use of a thermal break, which separates the interior and exterior aluminium sections and prevents the conduction of heat due to its thermal insulating material.

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Technoform thermal break profiles are made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide (PA66 GF25), an engineering plastic with:

  • Low thermal conductivity (~533 times lower than aluminum)
  • Excellent mechanical properties
Learn more PA66 GF25 here.

Thermal performance improvement

We conducted a thermal simulation and through the use of a thermally broken system, the frame performance has improved by over 70% from 17.1W/m2K to 3.2W/m2K.


If you have any upcoming projects, we can support you with a thermal simulation report to show the performance improvement with the use of a thermally broken system. Contact us here.

Benefits of thermally broken window systems

How do thermally broken window systems value-add building owners and occupants?

Stringent testing to ensure the highest quality

We have always been dedicated to testing our products to the core.

Why is a good thermal break important?

A good thermal break is critical in allowing the facade to serve its intended design use and lifespan, ensuring the safety and durability of the facade. This is especially since building facades are constantly exposed to environmental loads such as wind and temperature changes. Hence, the frames will undergo behavior changes including bending and shearing, and it is important to ensure the mechnical properties of the assembled profiles.

Quality is key for us

We have always been dedicated to testing our products to the core, providing various checking and testing procedures to guarantee a product of highest quality - always. Globally, we adhere to the most stringent standards, ensuring consistent quality in all our products.

Our plants worldwide are also ISO 9001 certified. Thanks to the standardization of the processes, our products can be made in any of our production plants with no variation in quality.

I want to use your thermal break in my window and facade systems. How can I start?

Keen to incorporate our thermal break profiles in your window and facade systems? Or perhaps you are looking to develop your own thermally broken systems?  We would love to get in touch with your team for a discussion!

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Project References


thermal break spec sheet
Technoform Thermal Break Specification Sheet

Download PDF159.02 KB
sgbp is
Singapore Green Building Product Certificate (Thermal break)

Download PDF817.71 KB
Material data sheet PA 66 GF25, dry impact resistant
Material data sheet PA 66 GF25, dry impact resistant

Download PDF571.69 KB

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