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Low Lambda polyamide (PA)

  • Highly innovative, this industry-leading material offers high-precision processing and mechanical stability, keeping all the positive properties of Polyamide 66 GF25 with a reduced Lambda value of 0.21 W/(m·K)
  • High-precision processing and mechanical stability
  • Further enhances high-end systems by reducing profile depths and frame sizes, saving on raw materials while keeping Uf-values unchanged (or enabling a reduction in Uf-values while maintaining existing profile dimensions)
  • Unlimited availability and unlimited recyclability
  • A new standard program of profiles for the windows, frames, and doors industry will be available in this groundbreaking material
High mechanical stability
Polyamides offer high levels of heat resistance, stiffness and high mechanical stability for a durable solution. Our special glass fiber reinforced PA 6.6 GF25 mixture is ideal for the production of slimline structural and reinforcement profiles while maintaining required Uf values.
Heat resistant for improved conductivity
Offering excellent heat resistance, polyamides can be used in the toughest of conditions, for example exposure to hot and humid environments. In the windows, doors, and facades industry, the high temperature resistance of PA reduces the rate of conductivity (U-value), insulating the energy flow from the outside of a window, door or facade to the inside.
Ease of processing
The uncomplicated processing of polyamides is another key benefit. With various properties that can be individually adapted according to the specific project and need, polyamides are the perfect choice for the manufacture of special extrusion profiles.

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