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Keeping profile performance on track

The key points

Improved energy efficiency through reduced weight
Excellent mechanical stability for strength and reliability
Optimized corrosion resistance for durability
High sliding ability with no lubrication necessary

Driving efficient solutions

High demands are placed on components in the railway sector. Here, as in other transport industries, the aim of achieving increased efficiency must be balanced with the priorities of mechanical functionality, aesthetic requirements and sector-specific safety standards.

Plastic profiles can help to make rail transport more efficient: reducing the overall weight of a train reduces the amount of energy needed for it to move, thus it can go further with less effort. Our fully-customizable thermoplastic profiles are able to meet versatile railway industry requirements - meeting stringent fire protection standards and stability requirements, as well as achieving thermal or chemical resistance and electric conductivity demands. Our efficient and cost-effective solutions meet standard industry requirements (DIN EN 45545/2:2013) to help manufacture the trains of tomorrow.

Solutions for railway vehicles

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