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Plastic profiles for efficient heat recovery

Solutions for industrial heat recovery

Most industrial production processes require heat for sterilizing, cooking, drying, or melting of intermediates and products. Accordingly, process heating represents more than one third of the total energy consumed by the US manufacturing sector.

Heat is mostly obtained from combustion of fossil fuels, biomass or production by-products. As for any combustion process, full heat recovery from exhaust gases is crucial for energy efficiency yet highly challenging due to the corrosiveness of condensing flue gas. (Co-)combustion of fluorine by-products, for instance, leads to the formation of hydroflouric acid, which attacks virtally all materials including glass.

Technoform's polymer based heat transfer solutions offer a reliable and cost efficient way of tapping into this unused source of energy. Their exceptional heat conductivity and corrosion resistance enable compact heat recovery systems that work in virtually all gas compositions.

Solutions for the heat recovery industry

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