corrosive fluid processing

Heat transfer solutions for corrosive fluid processing

Corrosion resistant and highly conductive

The resistance to salt solutions, a wide range of acids and bases as well as other aggressive chemical fluids are a major advantage of polymer based heat transfer materials. Existing solutions, however, cannot compete with metallic materials in terms of heat conductivity. Technoform offers heat conductivity on a level that was previously only achievable with metallic materials.

Cost efficient

Processing of corrosive fluids poses extreme challenges to heat transfer equipment. Therefore, expensive materials such as high-grade alloys, titanium or tantalum are commonly used as they are less prone to corrosion than lower cost metals. Given the high invest as well as strongly fluctuating purchase prices for these materials, polymer based materials offer a cost efficient alternative with no compromise on performance for many applications.

Tailored to your process

Unlike metallic materials, we can manufacture our polymer based heat transfer materials in nearly any shape to suit individual process requirements. This enables optimized geometries with an ideal balance between heat transfer and pressure loss. The base polymer material is selected according to the temperature and the required mechanical and chemical resistance properties of each process.

Heat transfer solutions for corrosive fluid processing

A variety of industrial processes involve the handling and processing of highly corrosive fluids. Examples include the production of chemicals or pulp and paper. Depending on process requirements, heat exchangers are used to either heat, cool, evaporate or condense substances such as concentrated acids. These extreme conditions strongly limit the choice of applicable heat transfer materials.

Our polymer based heat transfer solutions are ideally suited for such applications. They combine excellent corrosion resistance, heat conductivity, and design flexibility while reducing investment. Applications with fouling issues can benefit from the extremely smooth heat transfer surfaces of our solutions enabled by our high-end extrusion process.

Depending on customer need, we can supply either customized profiles and connection technology for seamless integration into existing designs or entire heat exchangers together with our global network of partners.

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