Heat transfer solutions for thermal water treatment

Reduced scale formation

Seawater and most kinds of process water contain substantial amounts of dissolved minerals, which can cause scale formation on heat transfer surfaces. The result is a strong drop in evaporation performance and energy efficiency over time. Our high-end extrusion process enables the production of profiles with extremely smooth surfaces. Combined with the distinct molecular structure of polymers a significant reduction of scale formation can be achieved. Plant availability is thereby improved through longer cleaning intervals and facilitated scale removal.

Corrosion resistance

Contaminants like salts or acids contained in untreated water strongly promote corrosive attack on heat transfer surfaces. Polymer based heat transfer materials do not suffer from corrosion and therefore offer a great alternative to costly high grade metallic components at comparable performance.

Lower environmental impact

Thermal water treatment processes usually involve the use of chemical additives to prevent scaling and corrosion. This requirement can be reduced significantly by using polymer based heat transfer materials. Furthermore, these materials do not contain or release hazardous substances such as copper and are certified for use in potable water.

Heat transfer solutions for thermal water treatment

Thermal water treatment methods such as multi effect distillation are essential to ensure the global supply of potable and process water. They involve efficient evaporation of large quantities of different water qualities in order to produce clean distillate. Specific water components can lead to corrosion or formation of crystalline structures on heat transfer surfaces.

Our polymer based heat transfer materials are a natural fit to these challenging process conditions. Their excellent heat conductivity together with resistance to corrosion and scaling enables realiable plant operation. Furthermore, they are approved for use in potable water application under the German standard (KTW).

Depending on your needs, we can supply either customized profiles and connection technology for seamless integration into existing designs or entire heat exchangers together with our global network of partners.

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