Warm edge components for improved thermal performance

Thermally optimized warm edge spacers

High energy efficiency, long service life, and indoor comfort are key factors to sustainable building design. High-performance fenestration is a key component of delivering a comfortable and energy efficient built environment. To achieve this, a durable, thermally optimized edge bond for insulating glass is required. This is provided by our warm edge technology.

Warm edge spacers work by separating the panes of glass in double or triple glazing and are made from low conductivity materials. The cavity created by the spacer reduces heat transfer across the center of glass, and the use of a warm edge spacer reduces thermal conduction across the opaque area at the edge of glass. By reducing heat transfer at the edge bond, use of warm edge spacer translates into energy savings for buildings no matter what the season.

In every climate, their use improves thermal comfort for occupants by keeping the room-side surfaces of the window closer to room temperature. In cold weather, this has the added benefit of reducing the risk of condensation and subsequent mold growth, and also reducing uncomfortable downdrafts.

Our warm-edge solutions set new standards in surface quality and match the highest requirements of architects and building owners. Our hybrid warm edge spacers achieve excellent thermal performance without sacrificing design and, most importantly, durability.

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Hybrid warm edge spacers

Our hybrid warm edge spacers come with a proven twenty-year track record and are designed to meet the many requirements of today’s insulating glass systems. These spacers are considered hybrid because they are made from a combination of precision engineered polypropylene and ultra-thin stainless steel. The stainless steel section of the spacer, which wraps around its sides and back, gives the same durability and processability benefits as metal box spacers: zero moisture-vapor and gas transmission through the back of the spacer, and the ability to be processed on conventional bending equipment. The presence of specially engineered polypropylene bridging the top significantly reduces its thermal conductivity. As a result, our range of hybrid spacers achieves the warm edge performance of non-metal spacers, while maintaining the benchmark durability of stainless steel box spacer. 

Our unique extrusion process allows us to customize our spacer designs to your needs, whether you are starting your transition to warm edge or need the highest thermal performance in insulating glass. Designers also love the aesthetics of our hybrid warm edge spacers because of the attractive surface finish and range of available colors. Our hybrid warm edge spacers are used across the full range of fabrication processes such as bending and cut and corner. The flexibility of the spacer also makes it a go-to for radius shaped IGUs, such as arch-tops and circular shapes, and for bent/curved insulating glass units.

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