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Our calculators for the thermally optimized glass edge bond

In addition to energy efficiency, quality and durability play an increasingly important role in the sustainability of insulating glass units (IGUs).

In sustainable construction, a thermally optimized as well as optimally coordinated glass edge bond with multiple glazing is therefore indispensable.

The individual components such as spacers, sealants, desiccants, connectors and glass need to work perfectly together as one system in order to meet the highest demands and maintain thermal performance over the lifetime of the insulating glass unit. 

Use our calculators to generate a suitable solution for you in terms of optimized insulating glass units and resulting energy savings.

Energy savings from IGU gas retention

Calculate the heat transition coefficient of an insulating glass unit (Ug-value) according to EN 673:2008 depending on the gas content between the glass panes.

The space between the panes of an insulating glass unit is filled with argon gas. Depending on the quality of the workmanship, this gas can escape over the years. In case of gas loss, the Ug-value of the glass unit decreases, it insulates worse over time.

Therefore, this gas loss has a direct influence on the energy costs and sustainability of a building. A constant Ug-value in insulating glass is accordingly important for people and the environment.

A high-quality insulating glass unit can be expected to have a service life of at least 25 years, without higher gas loss.

Heat, cold and pressure fluctuations cause stress on the IGU, which can have a negative effect on the gas content. For the IGU to retain the gas in the glazing cavities for longer, it is essential to choose the right materials in addition to clean processing. 

To the IGU gas retention calculator

With our calculator, you can quickly and easily quantitatively assess the impact that the quality of an insulating glass unit has on energy costs over time. 

Would you like to illustrate to your customers that the investment in a high-quality glass pane will pay off? 

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Desiccant calculator

Are you wondering on how much of the material you would need to meet certified requirements? Or do you aim to calculate the annual demand and forecast the supply rate for specific material? 

From our database you could assess crucial technical parameters of the desiccant. Moreover, collected data would allow you to compare different commercially available materials. However, the crucial part of the tool is the calculator, where you can easily acquaire dedicated mass of the material for desired application.

To the desiccant calculator

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  • comprehensive overview of worldwide available desiccants.
  • hands-on assessment and presentation of crucial technical parameters and their values according to ISO 1279:2018 norm for all presented materials.
  • deep understanding of the key aspects related to technical evaluation of common desiccants.
  • possibility to select best-suited desiccant based on qualitative evaluation criterias.
  • acquiring knowledge on how much of the specific material would be necessary.
  • material supply planning based on large-scale calculations.

Thermal calculator

Would you like to understand how can you achieve a specific thermal insulation by changing different parameters?

Thermal calculator is a tool defining the thermal insulation performances of windows. Since the calculator is user-friendly, it is possible to design and analyse different configurations in order to get the best choice and achieve the solution in terms of thermal performances.

Are you interested in comparing different configurations (DGU or TGU) in just one click? 

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To the thermal calculator

Analyse how the thermal insulation changes when you tilt the glazing unit.

  • calculate thermal transmittance value (Ug) in the centre of the glass pane according to UNI EN 673:2011 both in double and triple glass unit. 
  • calculate thermal transmittance value (U) of the entire window and door frame according to UNI EN ISO 10077-1:2018.  
  • versality of input parameters choosing the best fitting solution during the design phase.
  • comprehensive understanding of the thermal efficiency of your projects.  
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Mechanical calculator

Are you designing a window for offices or residential building? Would you like to design a safe environment starting from your glass?

Mechanical behaviour of the glass pane influences security of the building, so it is crucial to check this point during design phase of your projects. 

The mechanical calculator provides suggestions in terms of IGU composition according to the intended use of the glass and its dimensions. The calculator shows the maximum stress and deformation to which the glass is submitted.

To the mechanical calculator

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  • check the right thickness of the glass to the internal linear load.
  • help in understanding and use UNI 7697:2021 for Italian market.
  • choose the proper type of glass according to various applications.
mechanical calculator


Acoustical calculator

Would you like to design the best IGU configuration to create a noise free environment?

Acoustic aspect is more and more important in today's comfort of an internal environment. Acoustic insulation will vary in different IGU configuration, by changing glass parameters (glass type and thickness) and warm edge Technoform spacer widths.

Did you know that changing the width of the spacer  improves the acoustic performance of the insulating glazing unit?

To the acoustical calculator

Let’s learn, let’s calculate, let’s talk solutions!

  • calculate the acoustic performance in a quick and simple way.
  • the tolerance of the indices indicated is +/- 2 dB. 
  • the tool provides 10 possible drawing solutions on a database of estimated values.  
  • acquiring knowledge on acoustic performance during the first step of design phase.


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