BiCo Filament

Bi-component filaments with customized function

Integration of functions

Bi-component filaments use two different thermoplastic materials that work in conjunction to perform various tasks. The core provides mechanical properties such as strength, flexibility and expansion. The second component can provide the actual required function. The properties that can be achieved vary widely, from thermally activatable adhesive (adhesive ribbon) to sensor functions realized by using electrically conductive material.

High precision

Our extrusion method enables the production of high-precision bi-component filaments. With our many years of experience in manufacturing filaments, we are particularly skilled in achieving great uniformity in the diameter across the entire filament length. This is an essential factor when it comes to reliable processing of the product.

Customized solutions

Whatever requirements you may have, we adapt our bi-component monofilaments to suit your very individual needs to provide you with maximum performance and efficiency. The different plastics for the sheath and core of the bi-component filament are selected to create the properties you want to have. For example, we can realize dimensional stability, strength or elasticity in the core combined with low melting temperatures or special surface characteristics (e.g. anti-static) in the sheath.

Bi-component monofilaments: individually functionalized

Our extrusion technology enables the co-extrusion of high-tech monofilaments from two different plastics in core and sheath. This makes it possible to functionalize the monofilaments in specific ways. The two thermoplastic polymers are selected to produce specific properties that can fulfill individual customer requirements.

For the manufacture of aluminum windows, for example, we produce the adhesive ribbon.  For thermal insulation, aluminum windows are fitted with interior plastic insulation strips, which need to be joined. This is where our adhesive ribbon comes into play. The ribbon is a bi-component filament with a core made of polyamide 6.6 GF25% and a hot-melt adhesive sheath. In the coating process (powder coating at temperatures between 180 and 230°C), the adhesive function of the adhesive ribbon is activated after cooling. The aluminum profile and the plastic strip are thus firmly connected and all cavities (capillaries) are filled.

Also for 3D printing

Our bi-component filaments also present interesting application potentials in filament-based 3D printing. Various material combinations of thermoplastics, additives and fillers in the core and sheath can be used to alter the characteristics of the printed product in specific ways (e.g. fire-resistance, chemical resistance, breaking strength, heat resistance). This is particularly important for functional parts and for prototypes.

Do you have a challenge for us?

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