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Antimicrobial plastic profiles for medical fittings

Effectively reduce germs

In a clinical environment, antibacterial fittings offer a hygienic solution to help prevent unwanted infection. Since a smooth surface prevents the adhesion of biofilms and germs, antiseptic plastic fittings offer an ideal solution as they can be produced continuously, preferably from one cast without seams to help reduce germs.

Hygienically optimized solutions

To prevent the multiplication of germs, using an antimicrobial additive in the production process is especially effective. Our antimicrobial materials for medical fittings make it much harder for pathogenic germs to spread, ensuring the safety of your patients.

Tailor-made fittings

Plastic medical fittings can be tailor-made to suit your individual requirements, available in any color. The benefits go beyond the aesthetic: colored plastic doors or handrails in hospitals and retirement homes help with orientation and offer greater scratch-resistance in heavy-use environments.

Clean, safe solutions for medical fittings

Everyday fittings such as hand rails and door handles can harbor germs and bacteria. We know that in a clinical environment, these unwanted microbes can be particularly harmful, calling for higher hygiene requirements to prevent their spread. Our custom-made plastic antimicrobial fittings can be used to reduce germs and improve hygiene.

During the production process an antimicrobial additive can be added to the polyamide to ensure low adhesion and multiplication of germs, thus making it more difficult for pathogenic germs to spread. Components can also be produced continuously, preferably from one cast without seams, to ensure easy-to-clean smooth surfaces that prevent the adhesion of biofilms and germs.

All fittings can be tailor-made to suit individual needs and requirements, including your preferred color scheme. A colored surface can help in the identification of problematic spots and contamination, offers a high level of scratch resistance and can help with orientation in hospitals and retirement homes.


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