Slide rails for sun protection

Benefits at a glance

Smooth plastic slide rails for silent, lubricant-free movement
Long-lasting precision and reliability
Hard-wearing polyamide 6.6 with 25 % fiberglass reinforcement is lightweight and robust
Fully customizable slide rails for ease of integration and installation

Reliable sunroof slide rails

Within the sunroof mechanism, slide rails are used to guide the glass panel and open and close the car sunroof. It requires a robust, high-precision solution for the smooth operation of the roof throughout the lifetime of the vehicle.

Made from hard-wearing polyamide 6.6 with 25 % fiberglass reinforcement, our plastic slide rails offer exceptional sliding capacity and durability with a material that is 50 % lighter than aluminum. Thanks to our high-end extrusion method, which enables the production of very smooth surfaces and exact contours despite the fiberglass reinforcement, the resulting profiles offer smooth, lubricant-free and silent movement of the plastic rails. Free from burrs, our fully customizable slide rails can be quickly integrated and installed for optimum performance and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Smooth sliding sunroof shutter rails

Certain cars with sunroofs, such as high-priced sports cars, feature a built-in shutter to protect the driver (and passengers) from the heat of the sun. Guided over a rail, when made of metal, it can be noisy and annoying when the shutter is opened and closed.
Our plastic guide rail with plastic inlay offers a flexible, maintenance-free solution. The high-precision internally calibrated hollow chamber of the guide rail guarantees the silent, smooth sliding of the plastic rail with no lubrication needed. Produced from polyamide 6.6 with 25 % fiberglass reinforcement, the plastic shutter rails are durable, hardwearing and can be fully customized to your needs.

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