Taking flight: Plastic profiles for the aviation industry

Lightweight components

Weight is a key factor in aircraft efficiency. Our high-performance profiles offer a lightweight alternative to metal components to help reduce overall aircraft weight and deliver fuel savings.

Demonstrable safety

Aviation industry requirements concerning reliability and fail safety are, understandably, strict. Our industry-approved thermoplastic profiles meet stringent mechanical safety, fire protection and temperature resistance demands to ensure aircraft and passenger safety.

High-precision parts

Our high-end process enables the extrusion of technical and high-performance plastics such as PA, PC or PEI with a reliable high precision of ±0.05 mm. Offering ultra-smooth surfaces for application in visible sections, such as within the cabin, you can enjoy high-precision parts to suit every requirement.

Custom-made solutions

Our made-to-measure plastic profiles offer high-performance solutions for use throughout the aircraft, including cable ducts and profiles in the passenger service units to solid supply lines outside of the cabin. Offering a cost-effective solution for small lot sizes, our custom-made profiles are also ideally suited to small niche suppliers. The sky's the limit!

Featherweight aviation solutions

Weight is a decisive factor in the aviation industry. Any weight saving helps to lower fuel consumption and make aircraft more efficient. However, strict industry aviation safety requirements means that safety and reliability cannot be compromised in the quest for lightweight components.

Our high-quality thermoplastic profiles meet the most rigorous of requirements in terms of mechanical strength, fire resistance and resistance to extreme temperatures, while helping manufacturers and airlines to reduce overall aircraft weight. Our industry-specific approved technical and high-performance plastics such as PA, PC or PEI offer a reliable high precision of ±0.05 mm meaning that the resulting profiles can offer a lightweight alternative to metal components with no compromise on quality.

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