Plastic feed hose for rivets

Custom-made solutions

We know that every production facility is unique, with your individual requirements determining the solutions needed at every step. Let us work in partnership to develop tailor-made parts that meet your specific needs.

Highest accuracy

In a high-precision environment, accuracy is everything. Complex, exact transport hoses are essential in ensuring efficient system implementation. Our plastic feed hoses are produced as an inner calibrated, precision hollow-chamber profile, featuring a smooth, low-friction surface, allowing for accurate and speedy transport of the rivets through the hose.

Flexible and strong

Due to dynamic loading during the riveting process, the feed hose is subjected to high stress. Our plastic hose component offers a durable solution with the required flexibility and strength for greater efficiency of the overall system.

Flexible feed hose for rivets

During the assembly of automotive body panels, the required rivets are usually transported through highly precise feed hoses. These hoses require considerable complexity and accuracy to transport the rivets to the assembly point accurately and efficiently every time.

Each system comes with its own requirements. What they do have in common is a dynamic loading process which means the feed hose is often subjected to high stress. Since the metal rivets are transported at high speed, low abrasion of the hose material is essential and good sliding properties help to ensure maximum efficiency. Our flexible feed hoses can be tailor-made to your individual needs to keep systems running smoothly.


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