construction profile

Thermoplastic construction profiles

High functionality

Construction profiles require intricate manufacturing with slots and connection elements that carefully join together to build a 3-D system module. Our plastic profiles offer a high degree of functionality and can easily be integrated into existing systems.

Lightweight and corrosion-free

While aluminum-based systems can be heavy and prone to corrosion, thermoplastic profiles offer a lightweight solution that offers improved electrical insulation and high resistance to corrosion.

Customizable solutions

Whatever geometry you require, plastic profiles can be used to supplement existing system modules. Moreover, they are available in a broad color palette to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Construction profiles that are built to last

System modules can allow for easy construction and assembly of production facilities, workshop furniture or other functional equipment components. Typically made of aluminum, these construction profiles feature slots and connecting pieces to assemble a three-dimensional element. Nonetheless, the use of aluminum poses certain challenges. Often, there is a lack of electrical insulation and interference occurs due to electromagnetic radiation. Moreover, the system may be prone to corrosion or simply too heavy.

Thermoplastic profiles offer comparable performance with the added advantage of being lightweight, electrically insulating and non-corrosive. They have excellent sliding properties, can be produced with antiseptic qualities, and offer a lower level of heat transfer. What's more, they can even be tailored to your individual color scheme with an endless range of colors—rather than having to paint metal profiles, the plastic itself is colored, reducing the appearance of wear and scratches.

Plastic profiles can be used to supplement existing system modules, either adding to or ultimately replacing aluminum components. Their contour accuracy and tolerance range matches that of standard construction profiles.

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