Thermoplast profiles for sensors

Plastic profiles for sensors

High profile accuracy

Great demands on accuracy are made in the flow production environment. Linear position sensors, clipped and mounted into an aluminum rail, track the position of work pieces. To provide an insulating layer between the delicate electronics and the rail, special housings are needed. Much like the sensors themselves, these need to perform at the highest levels of accuracy.

Self-extinguishing material

Continuous contact with electricity poses a fire hazard. Linear position sensors must be manufactured using self-extinguishing material with a fire performance in accordance with UL94 as V-0. Our polyamide profile offers a self-extinguishing solution that meets industry-specific fire protection standards.

Fully customizable

Cover profiles can be used in the most diverse areas of industry, with the requirements and profile changing depending on the application. Our plastic housings can be tailor-made according to each individual need, offering the highest levels of performance and efficiency.

High-precision and fire safety

Plastic profiles can be used in the most diverse areas and industry branches, with requirements varying based on each individual application. Nonetheless, demands on accuracy and mechanical profiles of the plastic housing are always high: an extremely accurate internal contour is necessary to house the sensor technology, and they must match the thermal expansion behavior of the rail to safely hold the sensor in place. 

Fire safety

We also know that fire safety is a significant factor. Continuous contact with electricity naturally poses a fire risk, requiring the sensor material to be self-extinguishing (in accordance with UL94 V-0) and colored yellow to match surrounding components.

A frequent additional requirement for applications with fire protection-optimised plastics is that the material must be free of red phosphor and halogens. We therefore only process plastics for sensors that do not contain these harmful substances.

Durable and precise fill level monitoring

Different measuring systems are used to check the fill levels of fuel tanks, batteries or tank systems. One option is to use ultrasound, whereby frequency and resonance signals are measured to gauge the liquid level. Often a metal probe is used, however some applications require extra resistance, for example to battery acid.

Our heat and corrosion-resistant plastic profiles provide the resilient housing for sensor measuring fluid levels in aggressive, acidic liquids and high temperature conditions. Placed at exact intervals, the high-precision hollow chambers house the sensitive sensors, with the applied plastic protecting the coated sensors from acids, bases and solvents for incredible accuracy of results. Made from polyphenylene sulfide with 40 % fiberglass reinforcement, the ultra-smooth surface of the sensor profile ensures a consistent measurement thanks to even liquid coverage across the entire surface.

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