Guide rails for overhead conveyor systems

Low abrasion

Overhead conveyor systems offer a space-saving solution for the transportation of goods or clothing in industrial companies and laundries. Friction can be a problem however, increasing energy consumption and contaminating the transported goods with abrasion products. Our tribologically optimised plastic profile keeps abrasion to a minimum and reduces wear.

Easy installation

Suspended above work spaces, the guide rails can typically be tricky to install. Our high-precision plastic rails are extremely lightweight with a very smooth surface and precise outside contours to make assembly and installation simple.

Long service life

The combination of sliding partner and plastic profile maintain the tightest tolerances, resulting in the best possible accuracy of fit, and excellent sliding properties. This helps to ensure a long service life of the plastic because less dirt is deposited in the gaps.

Long-lasting abrasion resistance

In industrial companies and laundries, overhead conveyor systems are used to transport goods or clothing. This utilizes the open space beneath the ceiling for a space-saving solution. While each system is different, common friction-related problems can occur, including early wear and contamination of the transported goods due to abrasion.

Our tribologically optimized plastic profiles feature excellent sliding properties for reduced abrasion. Offering reliable utilization without friction, they help to increase service life and reduce contamination. Moreover, the lightweight material and precise profiles, custom-made to your requirements, simplify assembly and installation to keep your systems running smoothly.

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