Frame profile for HVAC systems

Thermoplast frame profiles for high demands


Using plastic profiles as frame structure in HVAC systems, and also in partial applications, offers a high level of stability and stiffness on par with that of aluminum, while also significantly reducing weight. Depending on the plastic, weight can be reduced by up to 50 %. In applications with extreme loads, hybrid profiles can also be used by using steel inlays as a reinforcement core to deliver high stability and 66 % reducing in bending.

Improved insulation

Plastic profiles offer significantly better insulation properties than aluminum: depending on the plastic, thermal conductivity can be up to 870 times lower. In addition, the acoustic properties of HVAC systems can be significantly enhanced with plastic, meaning that vibrations on the housing and thus the noise emission of the HVAC equipment can be notably minimized.

Fully customizable

Our high-end extrusion process enables the production of fully customizable profiles to suit individual application needs, for example plastic frame profiles allow a customized color selection with solid-colored material. Moreover, by using additives in the extrusion process, weather and UV resistance can be increased many times over.

Frame profiles for HVAC systems

Usually installed on building roofs to supply large building complexes with heating, cooling and fresh air, HVAC systems are relatively large. While the majority of systems are manufactured with metal profiles, plastic frame profiles offer numerous advantages in terms of weight reduction and insulation without compromising on performance.

Our thermoplast frame profiles are characterised by:

  • High durability
  • Robustness and impact resistance
  • Fulfilment of all aviation-specific criteria 
  • Weight reduction of up to 40 % 

Perfect for heavy-duty use in aircraft cabins.

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