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Reduced fouling and scaling

Using plastic tubes reduces fouling and scaling by up to 98 %, thanks to our high-end extrusion process that results in extremely smooth surfaces for reduced adhesion of dirt. This delivers improved heat transfer for greater efficiency of the thermal power station and simplifies the cleaning process: the low adhesion of dirt particles makes cleaning without chemicals possible.

Resistant to aggressive substances

Heat recovery from waste gas places extremely high demands on the heat exchanger tubes employed in the process. Depending on the industry, the gas contains highly aggressive substances that attack the tubes. By using plastic tubes the parameters of the plastic can be matched to the individual industry requirements - i.e. to the relevant waste gas - for maximum resistance.

Excellent heat conductivity

Our high-precision extrusion process enables the production of heat-conductive plastics with high filler content to achieve a surface roughness of Rz < 3 µm. The filler content ensures the necessary heat conductivity to deliver great performance.

Proven profiles

Benefit from a proven solution that has been checked in test set-ups for application in power generation, including batch process/stirred vessel test rig and falling film test rig testing. The fouling and scaling values established in the laboratory for various fluids are then verified within the framework of a test set-up to meet individual application requirements.

Solutions for power generation

Renewable energies are on the rise worldwide - particularly in power generation. Nonetheless, the majority of the global electricity demand is still met through combustion of fossil and alternative fuels and will be in the foreseeable future. The fuel mix is projected to shift away from coal and oil towards natural gas, biomass and waste. Meanwhile, combustion based power generation is coming under increasing economic and regulatory pressure. Ambitious environmental targets and increasing fuel prices require maximum plant efficiency and reduction of emissions.

In this context heat recovery from corrosive flue gas is crucial in order to fully exploit the energy content of fuels. This is particularly challenging for alternative fuels like biomass, biofuels or waste, which burn relatively "dirty" thus forming extremely agressive acid mixes. Furthermore, power generation is still among the largest consumers of water. Its footprint could therefore greatly benefit from full flue gas condensation, which recovers evaporated water and the large amount of latent heat it contains.

Technoform's heat transfer solutions are a key enabler of the transition to clean power. Being highly corrosion resistant, they enable efficient heat transfer in flue gas streams below acid dew point under conditions where common materials cannot be used. Full design flexibility allows for seamless integration into new plants or retrofits.

Solutions for the energy generating industry

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