Guide rail for shelf display

Non-flammable components

Constant contact with electricity can pose a significant fire risk. To comply with industry-specific fire protection standards, our guide rails are produced from V-0 classified (UL94) polyamide 6 which is free from red phosphor and halogens for maximum non-flammability and peace of mind.

Outstanding sliding ability

Slide rails must demonstrate excellent sliding properties to ensure the jam-free functioning of displays. Our high-end extrusion method produces extremely smooth surfaces with outstanding sliding ability for reliable ease of use. Moreover, the very low tolerance of ±0.05 mm in the geometry ensures easy shifting.

High-precision, custom profiles

Our high-precision profiles, custom-made to your individual requirements, allow for the precise integration of copper inlays. This ensures reliable data transfer with safe contact to the data lines for optimum performance.

High-precision guide rails

In large shelf systems, display guide rails are used to facilitate the central management. Featuring an integrated power supply and additional data lines for reliable operation, these display rails must demonstrate good sliding properties so they can be easily moved without jamming.

Produced via a high-end extrusion method, our high-precision guide rails feature extremely smooth surfaces to deliver excellent sliding ability and optimum functionality. Meeting industry-specific fire protection standards, classified in terms of UL94 as V-0, you can enjoy added peace of mind with a reliable, high-performance solution.

Materials for guide rails

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