slot closing wedge

High-strength slot closing wedges

Excellent electrical insulation properties

In a high-performance motor, our high-temperature resistant thermoplastic profiles offer an equally high-performance solution. With excellent electrical insulation properties, they can reliably and permanently screen off the windings of electric motors.

High-strength and high-precision

Made from fiberglass-reinforced plastics with up to 40 % fiberglass share, our slot wedges offer a high-strength solution. While typically fiberglass reinforcement can reduce the sliding ability of parts, our high-precision extrusion method ensures smooth surfaces and exact contours for optimum performance.

Made-to-measure profiles

Every application is different. Our slot closing wedges are tailor-made to your exact requirements and can be produced in any length you desire with minimum burr and a precise saw cut guaranteed.

High-performance closing wedges

In electric motors, copper windings are fixed into the stators by papery or foil-like dividing layers and electrically screened. In high-performance motors, where higher demands are placed upon the mechanics, these materials are not sufficient. A high-precision solution is needed to guarantee optimum performance.

Our high-performance thermoplastic slot closing wedges, with excellent electrical insulation properties, provide high-temperature resistance to screen off the windings of electric motors reliably and permanently. By using plastics with iron-based fillers, it's also possible to enhance the magnetic permeability of the material. This increases the efficiency of both motors and (particularly) generators. Our high-precision extrusion method ensures smooth surfaces and exact contours to suit your every need.

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