LED cooling element

Plastic LED cooling element

Thermal conductivity and electrical insulation

Our thermoplastic cooling elements are simultaneously thermally conductive and electrically insulated. The profile thereby performs two roles in one, and greatly reduces the required complexity of the design when ensuring the lamp both dissipates heat and conducts current.

High-performance materials

Using our high-end extrusion method, we can process even highly filled plastics with precision, meaning that you have a wide variety of options at your disposal, whilst ensuring your profile has a smooth surface and performs as required.

Replacing aluminum as a key material in heat management

Until now, aluminum was the material of choice for thermal management. The profiles required for aluminum are complex and increase production time, cost and variation in materials. Our plastic profiles combine the required characteristics of aluminum heat management systems into a single, high-performance option that both is materially flexible and physically durable.

Staying cool when the heat is on

LED lighting has taken the world by storm, reducing energy consumption, increasing longevity and allowing for new design concepts that were previously impossible. They do, however, require effective management of heat, as they get very hot during use. Thermoplastic profiles can both dissipate the heat they generate, whilst keeping them electrically insulated. That means less parts required for a lighting solution, resulting in more flexible design possibilities and easier production.

Thermoplastics are revolutionizing many applications. Where it was previously a complex and materially intensive process to design heat management solutions for LEDs, thermoplastics are replacing traditional metal-based products because of their many advantages. If you need a tailored LED cooling solution, we will work with you from start to finish to produce the high-end profiles that will complete your project.


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