Optimized solutions for water pump tubes

High permeability density

Water supply pumps are driven by an electronic motor, where kinetic energy is generated by a rotor running in a stator. Running in a mixture of, for instance, glycol and water, the rotor is separated from the stator by a shroud to protect the electronics against the fluid on the inside. As these spacer tubes must be able to withstand permanent contact with the liquid in the stator, our high-performance plastics offer a high permeability density for effective operation.

Improved system efficiency

For maximum effectiveness, the wall of the shroud or spacer tube must be as thin as possible to allow the best possible transmission of the electric field. As eddy currents are generated in the spacer tube by the magnetic field of the stator, metal shrouds can impair motor efficiency. Our glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic profiles offer improved system efficiency as they are not influenced by this magnetic field.

Customized solutions

The plastic shrouds used in water supply pumps require different properties according to the individual application, for example the size of the motor or the liquid used. Our high-precision plastic spacers are customized to your unique requirements for the best possible solution to your water supply pump needs.

High-performance plastic spacer tubes

Constant contact with fluid mixes requires a solution that is corrosion and chemical resistant, with a high permeability density to prevent liquids and gases from passing through the component and damaging the electronics. Our high-performance plastics ensure the required high permeability density to ensure form stability of the plastic profiles and a long service life. Moreover, the thin profile achieved through our high-precision process allows the best possible transmission of the electric field for improved overall system efficiency.

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