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Polyphthalamide (PPA)

  • A modification of polyamide, polyphthalamide is a highly stable, resistant and thermally stable thermoplastic
  • Popular in vehicle construction and in classic metal applications such as supply or gas pipes thanks to its dimensional stability and constant mechanical properties
  • High creep resistance and minimal deformation make PPA a valued material in demanding industries

Consistently high performance

With its constant mechanical properties with high creep resistance, only slight deformation and its dimensional stability, this semi-crystalline technical plastic is popular in vehicle construction and in classic metal applications such as supply or gas pipes. Components made of fiberglass-reinforced polyphthalamides are heat-resistant up to 280 °C (536 °F) with a low friction and abrasion coefficient.

Broad application range

This plastic is also applied in the sanitary and supply industry. Typical applications are outlets, water coolers and pump sealing rings, but also thermostats and shower valves. A PPA mass is heat-resistant and therefore also suited for applications in aeroplanes, ships or trains.

Hard wearing profiles

Our high-end extrusion process enables the production of hard-wearing profiles to suit your needs. PPA granulate is often shaped through injection moulding; at Technoform, we are able to extrude PPA, meaning we can create complex profiles with exceptionally smooth surfaces. Afterwards, the parts made of hardened polyphthalamides can be glued, riveted, screwed, welded or snap connected.

Solutions with polyphthalamides

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