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When it comes to building sustainably, high energy efficiency, durability, and indoor climate are key factors. To achieve this, thermally optimized edge bond solutions for insulating glass are what it takes. With our warm edge spacers between the glass panes, the TGI-Spacer M and the TGI-Spacer Precision, Technoform improves the thermal performance of the edge bond and thus guarantees gas tightness at a peak level. The effects are not only minimized energy losses. There is also a visible reduction in condensation which forms at the edge of the window and thereby prevents the formation of mold. A warm edge spacer significantly reduces the circulation of air near the window which gives you better life quality inside your home.

To offer a perfect fitting of our Spacers into every frame we also set new standards in surface quality and match the highest requirements of architects and building designers.
Contact us if you want to increase the quality and durability of your window, door, and facade systems through an optimized glass edge bond. As a sideline our products help to save approximately 1.5 million kWh of energy each year, which means a significant reduction of the global level of CO2 emissions.

TGI-Spacer M

The TGI-Spacer M is a bendable warm edge spacer bar. It was designed to meet the numerous requirements which apply to the modern glass edge bond. It is available in a range of variants such as with wire and without wire, specially matched to their individual intended use. While some of the details of the designs may differ from each other, they all provide low Psi values, high productivity, high process reliability and high-quality appearance. The TGI-Spacer M complies to the requirements of EN 1279-2, 3 & 6, DTA and ASTM. It is a certified Passive House Component Class B for Cold Climate.

TGI-Spacer Precision

Due to our innovative production process, Technoform can consistently guarantee the high quality of the edge bond. Our developments in thermal performance fit in perfectly with the trend towards nearly zero-energy houses. The optimum combination of materials in the TGI-Spacer Precision enables the lowest possible U values to be achieved in the system as a whole. As a result, fluctuations in thermal values are minimized, ensuring that designers and customers have a reliable basis for their calculations. Reliable process stability and insertion are ensured while a high-quality look completes the package. The TGI-Spacer Precision complies to the requirements of EN 1279-2, 3 & 6.

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