Slide rail for portable circular saw

Improved handling of circular saws

Guide or slide rails allow an exact cut that is impossible to achieve when working freehand. Substituting metal components with plastic reduces weight, allowing for improved handling and increased maneuverability of portable circular saws while maintaining a high level of precision.

Excellent mechanical properties

To function effectively, the plastic rails must demonstrate good mechanical and tribological properties. The portable circular saw, transported on the slide rail with a slide carriage, must be able to be moved smoothly and without major effort. The rail must also demonstrate a low creep tendency, high rigidity and straightness for a precise, straight cut every time.

High-precision process

When straight and precise cuts are needed, the circular saw track must also be straight and precise. Our high-precision extrusion process delivers the required accuracy, with a very good profile surface finish to ensure optimal sliding characteristics. Using a material compound with carbon fiber guarantees the required low creep tendency, high torsional resistance and straightness for accurate guidance.

Guide rails for circular saw precision

Using a guide or slide rail with a portable circular saw guarantees a precise, straight finish that is impossible to achieve by hand. Adding components does of course increase the weight of the apparatus, undesirable for high-precision work. Substituting metal components with plastic significantly reduces this weight increase, reducing the tradeoff between movement and accuracy.

As each portable circular saw is different, our plastic slide rails are tailor-made to meet your individual requirements. Our high-precision process, using a material compound with carbon fiber, delivers an excellent surface finish with optimal sliding characteristics for ease of handling, with guaranteed torsion resistance and straightness for a precise cut, every time.

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