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Introducing the thermal isolator clip

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The solution to exterior cladding attached systems

For architects looking to increase the overall thermal performance of structures with cladded exteriors, Technoform’s isolator clip is an ideal solution. The thoughtful design and materials increase installation speed and significantly reduce the energy loss typically experienced with fasteners and conventional framing systems.  

It provides you the lowest total installed cost by reducing steps and labor while providing flexibility to customize for various requirements. These many advantages provide you with a safe, high-performing, and easy-to-install solution.

Environmentally friendly

• Constructed of 100% recyclable materials: 40% glass-filled polyamide and a high-performing hybrid of structural grade engineered composite and extruded aluminum.
• The polyamide glass fibers are fully encapsulated - no special handling or equipment during fabrication:
• No personal protective gear equipment
• No special saw blade
• No exposure from carcinogens, mutagens or reproductive toxicants
• Meets volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions testing requirements

Thermally superior to steel or aluminum

Metal Z-girts are not thermally efficient attachment systems, and they are not typically recommended due to their excessive amount of thermal bridging. While thermal breaks and/or washers at the sheathing level can be beneficial, the insulation is still largely bridged, making the improvement mostly due to surface temperature rather than the effective R-value. The thermal isolator clip eliminates this issue and is not susceptible to moisture, corrosion,
or electrochemical reactions.

Significantly reduces thermal bridging

It significantly reduces thermal bridging beyond industry benchmarks and protects the integrity of your structure. It keeps the dew point of the wall system outside the air-water barrier, minimizing the potential for condensation inside the wall cavities and preventing mold and degradation.
  • The extensively tested structural grade engineered composite and extruded aluminum exceeds industry standards for air, water, structural, and fire performance.
  • Proven and thoroughly tested (including the use of performance mock-up) supporting all cladding types (TAKTL, UHPC, Terracotta, ACM, stone, etc.).
  • Can be used on multiple solid substrates.
  • Polyamide material specifically engineered for thermal and structural properties.
  • Compliant with NFPA 285 requirements.
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Constant innovation is what makes us tick, and our thermal isolator clip is just one of our recently introduced solutions. Contact us for more information.