Leeza SOHO

Beijing, China
Leeza SOHO

Leeza SOHO, which was opened in November 2019, has the world's tallest atrium twisting through its centre at approximately 194.15m.

The tower is positioned on a site adjacent to the business district's rail station and straddles an underground subway service tunnel.Its position over this tunnel made the project's architects decide to divide the building into two halves. The two halves are internally connected at Levels 13, 24, 35 and 45 by elevated walkways, and externally by a glass curtain facade that is double insulated and made up of a number of glass panels that are angled to aid ventilation. This will help to maintain a comfortable indoor climate in Beijing's variable weather conditions.


Leeza SOHO 1
Leeza SOHO 2
Leeza SOHO 3
Leeza SOHO 4
Leeza SOHO 4

Developer: SOHO China 
Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects 
Consultant: Shanghai CIMA
Gross Floor Area: 170,000 m² 
Green Building certifications: LEED Gold
Technoform product used: Technoform Thermal break, Warm edge spacer 
Photo credits: Hufton+Crow

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