This LEED Gold development features Technoform's polyamide thermal barrier profiles.

Portland, Oregon
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Slate is a high energy-efficiency, 10 story building with retail, office, and apartment space featuring window, entrance and unitized curtainwall system by Wausau Window and Wall systems.  Wausau's aluminum-framed products have all been thermally improved using a polyamide barrier from Technoform. Combining the thermal barrier with solar-control, low-e, insulating glass achieves the specified performance for low solar heat gain coefficient, low U-Factor, high condensation resistance factor and high visible light transmittance. 

To match Portland's climate and the project's goals for energy efficiency and occupant comfort, Slate earned LEED® Gold certification through the U.S. Green Building Council in December 2016.

Developer: Urban Development; Portland

Developer: Partners and Beam Development; Portland

Architect: Works Progress Architecture, LLP; Portland

General contractor: Yorke & Curtis, Inc.; Beaverton, Oregon

Glazing contractor: Dallas Glass; Salem, Oregon

Glazing systems manufacturer: Wausau Window and Wall Systems

Aluminum framing and panel finishing: Linetec

Thermal barrier: Technoform 

Photo credit: Joshua Jay Elliott, courtesy of Works Progress Architecture, LLP

slate 2
Technoform has been an invaluable source of technical support and customer service. With their assistance, Wausau has been able to introduce commercial fenestration products with best-in-class thermal performance.

Steve Fronek, P.E.
Wausau Window and Wall Systems

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