Recycled Polyamide

Technoform's research has resulted in Recycled Polyamide profiles which, by replacing 100% virgin PA 6.6 with the recycled alternative, have made it possible to reduce their environmental impact by 75%, as certified by IFT Rosenheim and by the kgCO2 eq. values indicated in the product EPDs. A natural evolution of the base material is LowLambda Recycled Polyamide, which perfectly combines the best requirements for energy efficiency with those for environmental impact, reducing the impact on the individual window by a further 20%.

Recycled polyamide granules (PA 6.6) are produced by recycling production waste from the automotive and textile industries (so-called PIR) and reconverting it into polymers with such high technical and mechanical performance characteristics that they can replace virgin raw materials. The increased availability on the market has made it possible to increase their quality and utilisation rate to 100%.

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