Is more facade innovation what we need? Part 1 - April blog

Twinsburg, Ohio
Blog by Helen Sanders, Ph.D
thermal barrier evolution
The evolution of polyamide thermal barrier technology for aluminum fenestration. While products with the state-of-the-art thermal barrier technology are available from many fabricators, the typical business-as-usual thermal barrier width and complexity used today was introduced over 30 years ago.

In his new book, “How to prevent a climate disaster,” Bill Gates states that “lots of breakthrough science and engineering” will be needed to get to net zero carbon emissions. He spends time describing the challenges associated with construction, especially with de-carbonizing concrete and steel production. He also mentions aluminum and glass, the main constituents of façades. But is more façade product innovation what we need to make the needed impact on emissions from buildings?

We already have many façade product innovations that are yet to be adopted as business-as-usual. Transitioning of these technologies to business-as-usual in all our buildings could make an immediate impact on building continue reading click here.

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