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Technoform blog - The Next Great Wave of Innovation
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Technoform blog - The Next Great Wave of Innovation
Can we learn from nature how to create switchable adhesion to support design for disassembly?
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Recently, I sat down virtually with my good friend Richard Braunstein, vice president of research and development at Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope® (OBE). We discussed what he calls “the next great wave of innovation” and what great things could happen when we change the design constraints to consider sustainability as an equally important requirement.

Before we dive into the topic, I want to give some background on Richard. He has been developing high-performance fenestration products for 25 years while working at Kawneer, YKK AP and OBE. A little-known fact about Richard is that he’s also been teaching sustainability as an adjunct professor to industrial design and engineering students at Georgia Tech for over 15 years. This gives him a unique perspective on our industry. One that has caused him to pose the question: What could happen when everyone starts designing fenestration with a fifth design criterion – sustainability – in mind? continue reading click here.

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