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Efficient aircraft tubing


Weight is a decisive factor in aviation: any weight reduction can help save precious fuel and make aircraft more efficient. Plastic aircraft supply tubes offer a lightweight alternative to the alloyed metal tubes most commonly used, without compromising on function.

Safety compliant

Safety is paramount: each individual part must meet strict aviation industry standards. Our aerospace tubing meets these requirements, offering an anti-corrosive material that can resist bursting pressure and, due to the smooth surface achieved in our extrusion method, ward off microorganisms.

Flexible, easily formed with precision

When space is at a premium, tubes for aerospace components and systems need to be flexible and malleable. With its thermoplastic matrix, our flexible aerospace tubing can easily be formed and welded, making it ideal for aviation use. On top of this, our tubes are produced with highly accurate contours and wall-thickness accuracy.

Aviation supply tubing

Aircraft tubing fulfills crucial functions such as supplying drinking water and transporting waste water through the plane. In this environment, safety is essential. The tubes must be able to withstand various strains such as corrosion, bursting pressure or fouling while meeting the highest aviation safety standards. Weight is also a key factor in making aircraft more efficient and reduce fuel consumption—here plastic tubing also offers a big advantage over metal.

Our aerospace tubing meets stringent demands: extremely high accuracy of production, excellent impact properties, meaning resistance to knocks and blows, as well as FDA approval. A lightweight, efficient but robust solution that is flexible and easy to form, helping you to build the aircraft of tomorrow.

Materials for aviation supply tubes

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