Frame Profiles for Airline Trolleys

High-strength, low weight

Our plastic frame profiles are designed to last. These highly stable, impact-resistant profiles fulfill the required aviation certification criteria while delivering weight savings of up to 40 %. Perfect for the heavy-use cabin environment.

Fully customizable

Our plastic profiles are fully customizable to suit individual requirements, even down to the color scheme. Our profiles can be fully dyed which helps to better conceal unavoidable scratches that would otherwise be far more visible on coated components.

Easy installation and repair

Designed for ease of installation and repair, our hollow chamber profiles are integrated with fine detents during the production process for added efficiency later.

Lightweight airline service trolleys

The frame profiles and trolleys used by service personnel onboard an aircraft are typically made of aluminum and composite materials. Though hard-wearing and sturdy, these materials have a tendency to be heavy. In order to reduce weight and improve efficiency, there's a growing demand for lighter, high-performance materials that can still fulfill the functional and safety requirements.

Our aviation-industry certified PA 12, a modern polyamide compound with intelligent aramid structural components, reduces trolley weight by approximately 40 % with no compromise on performance. With excellent collision properties in case of impact, and with low scratch visibility, our profiles can be fully customized, even down to the color scheme.

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