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Plastic distribution rails for control cabinets

Failure-free operation

Plastic distribution rails supply power to different functional components in a control cabinet to ensure their failure-free operation and your peace of mind. Electrically insulated to avoid short-circuits, they are also equipped with copper rails that provide electrical conductivity.

Fire-safety optimization

Constant contact with electricity poses a fire hazard. The distribution rails must adhere to the highest safety standards and self-extinguish in case of a fire. Our V-0 classified materials meet these industry-specific fire protection standards, and are additionally free of red phosphor and halogens for added fire safety optimization.


Accurately produced custom profiles are essential to meet individual needs and requirements. Our fiberglass-reinforced plastic offers a stable and high-precision solution which guarantees easy installation and effective performance.

Plastic distribution rails for failure-free operation

Within a control cabinet, plastic distribution rails fulfill an essential role in supplying power to the various components. These small profiles must meet stringent requirements to ensure optimum safety and efficiency at all times.

Our plastic profiles demonstrate great stability and flexibility for failure-free operation of the electrical components and the prevention of stress whitening when the functional components are clipped on. Made from a fire safety optimized plastic and insulated electrically to avoid short circuits, the custom-made profiles are also equipped with copper rails to provide electrical conductivity. Benefit from a high-precision profile, with a guaranteed high surface finish, that meets the highest safety requirements for a durable, efficient solution.

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