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Standard insulating profiles for aluminum windows, doors, and facades

Optimum thermal break efficiency

Connecting aluminum panels to each other with polyamide profiles prevents the exchange of heat for optimum thermal efficiency all year round: cavities inside the profiles minimize the exchange of convection or radiant heat for maximum performance. Our extensive range of insulating profiles includes hollow chambers, inner fins and several special solutions from sliding doors to curtain wall spacer. Furthermore we offer low-emissivity foils, package solutions and polyamide foam to optimize systems and ensure the perfect solution for every requirement.

Improved processing

In certain cases, coating thermally broken aluminum profiles can be challenging. Depending on the individual application, we offer either an adhesive film or sandblasting solution. Our adhesive film protects the polyamide strip and ensures a clean surface after removal, while sandblasting the strips helps to improve adhesion performance and ensure a high surface quality. Our profiles can also be laser-marked to ensure traceability, while glue wire can be readily installed to reduce the loss of shear strength due to powder coating.

Quality materials

Whatever the project or application, our broad material variety ensures the perfect match. Whether the priority is mechanical values, global warming potential or the best thermal performance (or a mix of all three), we deliver the perfect solution for your every need.

Insulating profiles for aluminum windows, doors and facades

Ensuring sustainability is at the heart of what we do. For over 40 years, our innovative, high-precision polyamide based insulation profiles for aluminum windows, doors and facades have helped improve quality and comfort, while delivering energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions worldwide.

Technoform has long-standing experience in achieving the necessary heat- or cold insulating properties that create a thermal break inside the system. Our standard offering comprises more than 800 freely available geometries for varying markets and needs. High quality solutions can be created using the insulating profiles in the standard program. All serial products can be rapidly supplied in any length and quantity to any location in the world, thanks to our global network of 13 production sites and more than 45 sales offices. Our specialists will gladly assist you with your project from the planning and development stage up to the finished product.

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