Using plastic components to optimize high-voltage batteries

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High-voltage batteries for electric vehicles are undergoing continuous technical development and present developers with ever new challenges. The requirements for performance, safety and sustainability are increasing. At the same time, batteries must be as light and compact as possible and economical to produce and recycle.

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The technical design of components such as cell or module holders, spacers, covers, media lines and housing parts must meet a large number of requirements and properties, some of which act against each other. Materials that are flexible in the composition of their properties and in their shaping are in demand.

Thermoplastics offer important advantages and properties that make them a high-performance and sustainable alternative to common materials such as metals and thermoset plastics. They offer a wide range of materials for virtually any application, and can also be customized with additives.

This guide introduces product developers to the benefits and possible applications of plastics in high-voltage batteries for electric vehicles

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