Technoform 50 year

50 years and counting

2019 is Technoform’s 50th year – and the company remains as innovative as ever. What began in 1969 in Kassel, Germany, with extruded plastic profiles is now a global enterprise with 45 production and distribution centers worldwide. Technoform celebrated the occasion in 2018 with the international relaunch of the company brand.

Still based in Kassel, but growing strong roots worldwide, Technoform can look back on five successful decades. The company and its various business areas have grown over the years, always maintaining a certain independence. To this day, Technoform remains a family-owned company. Financially and commercially independent, the company is proud of the energy and creativity of every employee, which is what makes this success possible.

As Technoform reaches the ripe age of 50, it is laying the foundations for the next 50 years. Management and staff alike are focusing on the future together. This increasingly changeable, competitive, and challenging market environment demands reduced complexity – while simultaneously continuing to increase the number of highly specialized products and innovative solutions.

 “We are specialists, and we will remain specialists,” says managing partner Andreas Caprano, “We number more than 1,400, spread across five continents. We speak more than 40 different languages. We are one of the leading and most innovative players on the market. Technoform pools these strengths to generate value for our customers.”

The industry expertise and capabilities now cover everything from high-precision customer designs for the automotive industry to components for heat transfer, all made by Technoform. This can be seen and experienced on the new global website, which was relaunched with the new corporate identity in 2018.

Caprano continues, “We have always been a single, united company. That applies today just as it did yesterday. And the same qualities define us as a company, team, and partner to our customers today, just as they always have: empathy and clarity. The relaunch, initiated in 2018, also made the brand visually bolder and more confident – because we know it’s the many people at Technoform who have made the company what it is today, and what it will become in the years to come.”

True to its values, the company would rather congratulate its team members than itself.“As a family-run company, we know that it is people who make the difference,” explains Caprano, “We strongly believe that the best ideas are a collaborative effort. That is how it was back then, that is how it is today, and that is how it will continue to be in the future. Here’s to the next 50 years!”


Let's celebrate our big global family.

Founded in 1969 and based in Kassel, Germany, the family-run company now has more than 40 international subsidiaries. Technoform supplies a wide range of custom-made solutions and precision-engineered standardized plastic products for a wide range of industries worldwide. These include thermally optimized solutions for high performance insulating glass, favored by architects, building planners, and  glazing manufacturers, as well as a wide range of insulating profiles for aluminum windows, doors and facades. Technoform also supplies high-precision customer designs and components for various sectors: the automotive and aircraft manufacturing industries, electrical engineering, and heat recovery, for example.

The specialized extrusion process developed by Technoform allows us to create very complex geometries, with a wide variety of material compositions and properties, and exceptionally high precision.  Around one billion meters of profiles every year make Technoform the world’s leading manufacturer in this highly specialized market.


For more information please contact us brandteam [at] technoform [dot] com.