Made-to-measure linear guidance

High-precision parts

The linear guidance of movable parts requires a high-precision solution. We can manufacture made-to-measure plastic rails with optimum sliding properties to meet the exact needs of your project.

Sector-specific solutions

Each industry has its own requirements for profile rail guidance. Through the careful selection of plastics according to these needs, our custom plastic profile rails can ensure optimum linear guidance across the most varied of sectors.

Light and strong

Our fiber-reinforced thermoplastics offer a lightweight, high-strength solution, with extremely smooth surfaces thanks to our special extrusion process. The resulting high sliding ability means that no additional lubricants are necessary for a smooth and quiet functioning of plastic rails.

Smooth and silent profile rail guidance

Responsible for the guidance of force between machine parts, linear guidance systems have a significant role to play in the overall performance of a machine. The requirements for the profile rails can be as diverse as the industries they are used in. In the medical sector, for example in X-ray units, it is required that the rails are non-magnetic and X-ray transparent. While in corrosive environments, such as underwater applications, the rails must have high levels of resistance against chemicals and environmental influences.

Whatever the sector, linear guidance profiles require a great level of precision and a high surface quality for optimum sliding properties. By using resistant, fiber-reinforced thermoplastics our linear rails offer a high-strength and precision solution tailor-made to suit your exacting individual needs. Benefit from the high sliding ability of the plastic for smooth running of systems with no additional lubricants needed and an exceptionally low noise level.

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