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Plastic profiles for safe, effective screening

Safer screening

Until now, lead has been the material of choice for X-ray screening plates. While economical, X-ray lead is toxic for humans and the environment. Plastic screening plates, made from compounds high in tungsten, approximate the screening properties of lead to provide a safer, toxin-free alternative.

Ultra-smooth surfaces

Our X-ray screening plates, the result of a high-end extrusion process, offer ultra-smooth surfaces for a high quality solution with excellent sliding properties. This quality can only be achieved by very few extruder operators that process highly filled compounds of this type.

Maximum flexibility

Enjoy custom-made profiles to suit your individual need and application. Extrudable in any geometry (e.g. plates, profiles or pipes) for maximum flexibility and high performance quality.

Safe, effective radiation protection

X-ray protection, designed to safeguard people and sensitive components from radiation, is especially important in medicine or non-destructive material testing. Lead, previously the de facto material for screening thanks to its low cost, is falling out of favor given its toxic properties. The current RoHS directive demands a reduction in its usage, requiring innovation in materials and manufacture to replace it.

Our plastic X-ray plates offer effective radiation protection for an adaptable, toxin-free solution. With screening properties on par with lead, but without the hazardous properties, you can benefit from a high-performance, more flexible solution that meets all mechanical requirements and is ideally suited to a range of applications.

Materials for X-ray screening plates

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