Adhesive sleeves as magnet carriers

Tailor-made, complex geometries

Our high-precision extrusion method makes it possible to prepare complex geometries tailored to your specific needs, with a reliably reproducible accuracy of ±0.05 mm.

Precise positioning and alignment

Benefit from exact positioning and alignment of magnets in the construction of electric motors, using ultra-thin strips that retain the required angularity to keep motors running efficiently.

Outstanding wear resistance

Our polyamide profile offers a reliable, high-strength solution with very high dimensional stability. Enjoy long-lasting peace of mind thanks to its outstanding impact and wear resistance.

Guidance for magnets in electric motors

Accuracy and reliability are key for the smooth running of electric motors. Our thermoplastic solution, using ultra-fine adhesive sleeves as magnet carriers, allows for the precise positioning of magnets in the motor while retaining the required angularity. Be it exact edges and smooth surfaces, you can count on us to reliably provide the most complex of geometries tailored to your individual needs for a hard-wearing and durable solution.


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