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Local expertise, worldwide

As a global family business, we run 14 production sites worldwide and extrude plastic profiles and tubes in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific. Today, Technoform has a global presence with more than 45 factories and sales offices and more than 1,600 employees.

But global presence doesn’t mean one-size-fits-all thinking. We understand the value of local knowledge, export our core competencies, building local expertise tailored to the needs of the market on the ground. We reap the benefits of this mindset, sharing knowledge and development from our approaches to solutions across the globe.

Market leadership

We extrude 3 billion feet of high-precision plastic profiles and tubes every year — that’s no. 1 in our markets, and it’s our 24/7 aspiration for setting new benchmarks in terms of reliability and sustainability. Because extrusion for us means more than just transforming granules but shaping the future.

Technical and high-performance plastics

Technoform offers an array of unrivalled tailored and standard plastic solutions for a great number of industries all across the globe. Our unique high-precision extrusion process enables us to form the most complex plastics — including those typically only suitable for injection molding. We process compounds with short or long fibers of various materials such as glass, carbon, or minerals – even with high filler content. So when you think plastics, think Technoform.

Tolerances, precision, surfaces

Continuously adapting our processes and products to individual demands, we grew with our customers. As a result, we are proud to offer outstanding technical characteristics that go far beyond the ordinary: extremely smooth surfaces, unique sharp contours, lowest tolerances, highest precision, and various custom material properties you would usually not expect from a plastic solution.

Low Lambda polyamide that reduces the overall depth of window systems? Optimized paint adhesion for a better visual appearance? Seawater-resistant solutions to prevent corrosion? No big deal. Where metals like aluminum or steel run up against their limits, we go right to the bottom of things – and come up with a new solution. And we don’t stop finding new ways to improve.

Collaborative research

Rapid profiling and systematic testing in collaboration with you is what drives our innovation. Read about the philosophy and process behind our approach to always giving you the best solution we can provide.

Research and Development

Lightning-fast production

Our special production methods have brought us to the forefront of thermoplastic innovation for over 50 years. Get an insight into how our processes work, and how we produce the materials that come together to solve the challenges of the future, today.

Production and Series

How we think

Since our foundation as a family business in 1969, we have remained independent and living our promise: putting our customers’ needs at the center of our ambitions. Knowing what drives customers and markets, we develop leading solutions collaboratively. We are always close to you and quick at making decisions where they matter most. Building on flexible and local networks worldwide, we provide the right team at the right time. Thanks to five decades of experience, you can rely on the best package of quality, quantity, time, and price.


Our business is to supply our customers with the parts they need to manufacture their products. We don’t spend much time finding fancy names for them—the most important name is probably that of your personal contact at Technoform, right from the start, to find the best solution, throughout the entire execution to ensure highest quality and service, and far beyond the current project to inspire new opportunities. This makes us more than just a leading B2B company. We are a people-to-people company. People with a passion for plastics solutions. That’s how we understand our part. So, let’s talk solutions, together.

History of Technoform
1969: Karl-Hans Caprano and Erwin Brunnhofer found a company that produces and distributes precise and accurate thermoplastic profiles. Where: Fuldabrück near Kassel. Slogan: Precision in Plastic.
Founders of Technoform
1970: First factory opening. Production begins in September with demister profiles made from polystyrene, surface profiles for skis made from ABS and tread profiles from polyethylene.
Factory Technoform
1975: Application for the first PPZ I processing patent developed by Technoform. This was the first of over 120 further national and international patents filed to this day.
Technoform Extrusion
1987: Organization restructure: in place of a functionally oriented company, customer-oriented business partners are introduced, bringing with them process chains as a working model.
Technoform customer oriented
1991: Diversification: the various endeavors of the Technoform Caprano + Brunnhofer oHG are split into separate divisions in order to concentrate on their core competencies.
Technoform Division
1993: Technoform Kunststoffprofile GmbH is founded to develop and produce high-precision plastic profiles, tailor made to clients’ needs.
Technoform Kunststoffprofile plastic profiles
1994: The Technoform Bautec Group becomes an international provider of insulating strips for the thermal break of aluminum windows, doors, and facades, branching out into Spain, Italy and Japan.
Technoform Bautec insulating strips
1998: Technoform Glass Insulation GmbH is founded in Germany, focusing on the production of warm edge spacers for insulating glasses in windows.
Technoform Glassinsulation warme edge spacers
2000: Technoform’s presence in Asia is expanded and reinforced.
Technoform Asia
2003: A new generation: Karl-Hans Caprano and Erwin Brunnhofer transfer shares in the company to their children.
Shareholder Technoform
2004: Technoform North America, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio is founded.
2011: Production facility for Technoform Glass Insulation in Cusago, Italy.
Technoform Glass Insulation Italy
2013: Production facility in Hong Kong, China and sales office in Melbourne, Australia.
Technoform Hong Kong
2019: We’re continuing to grow: Foundation of Technoform Edge Bond Solutions in Krakow, Poland.
Technoform Poland
2020: Technoform Middle East DMCC in Dubai is founded.
Technoform Dubai
2023: Technoform opens production site for edge bond solutions in Poland.
Technoform production Poland
Technoform today: Over 45 locations with 1,600 employees and growing, and a revenue of 427,5 million Euro in 2022.
Technoform today

Do you have a challenge for us?

Constant innovation is what makes us tick. If you have a conundrum, let us work together to find the perfect solution.