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Importance of a good edge bond

A well-designed and carefully manufactured edge bond determines the durability and service life of an insulating glass unit (IGU). Only when the individual components such as spacers, sealants, desiccants, connectors, and glass interplay perfectly, can we achieve optimal performance.

At Technoform, we create high-performance edge bond systems, including components which are optimized for use with our spacers. The result: higher IGU durability and optimized service life – an advantage for insulating glass fabricators, window manufacturers and end-users alike, who can rely on sustainable solutions of excellent quality.


Aluminum vs Warm edge spacer

Traditionally, aluminium spacers are commonly used in IGU. Although it has good mechanical properties, aluminium is a good conductor of heat, resulting in heat gain through the edge of glass.
To tackle this issue, warm edge spacers made from low-conductivity materials were introduced as a higher-performance alternative to traditional aluminium spacers.


So, what are the benefits of using our warm edge spacers?

Warm edge spacers are a valuable addition to any building design, providing designers with the ability to create energy efficient, aesthetic and comfortable buildings.

Similar to RAL 9005
Similar to RAL 9016
Dark Brown
Similar to RAL 8016
Light Brown
Similar to RAL 8003
Dark Grey
Similar to RAL 7040
Light Grey
Similar to RAL 7035

Equipped for every challenge

Technoform warm edge spacer was designed to meet the numerous requirements which apply to the modern glass edge seal. It is available in a range of options, specially matched to the intended applications.

While some of the details of the designs may differ from each other, they all provide low thermal conductivity values, high productivity, high process reliability and high-quality appearance.

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Stringent testing to ensure the highest quality

We have always been dedicated to testing our products to the core.

Quality is key for us

We have always been dedicated to testing our products to the core, providing various checking and testing procedures to guarantee a product of highest quality - always. Globally, we adhere to the most stringent standards, ensuring consistent quality in all our products. This is critical in ensuring the durability of the IGU, ensuring that it is able to serve the intended design use and lifespan.

Our plants worldwide are also ISO 9001 certified. Thanks to the standardization of the processes, our products can be made in any of our production plants with no variation in quality. We offer up to a 10 year warranty for our warm edge spacer solution. Please contact your local sales office for more information regarding the warranty available in your area.

Contact your local sales office for the warranty document

I want to use warm edge spacers in my window and facade systems

Consider the use of warm edge spacers in your window and facade systems to improve energy performance and enhance the overall design.

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Singapore Green Building Product Certificate (Warm edge spacer - SP 12)

Download PDF817.71 KB
Singapore Green Building Product Certificate (Warm edge spacer - SP14)

Download PDF817.71 KB
Passive House Component phA (Warm edge spacer - SP16)
es spec sheet
Technoform Warm Edge Spacer Specification Sheet

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Singapore Green Building Product Certificate (Warm edge spacer - SP 13)

Download PDF817.71 KB
Passive House Component phB (Warm edge spacer - SP12, SP13 and SP14)

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