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TGI-SPACER-M-BIO - english version
TGI-Spacer M Bio (Flyer)
With its bio-based polymer, the TGI-Spacer M Bio reduces the CO2 footprint but also the fossil energy demand necessary to manufacture insulating glass components.

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Product flyer edge bond
Product flyer edge bond solutions
Product information concerning our TGI-Spacers M and Precision, TGI-Muntin, TGI-Spacer Pellini, thermal values, colors, and sizes

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Thermal edge bond solutions for insulating glass
Thermal edge bond solutions for insulating glass (Brochure A4)
Detailed information about our edge bond solutions, warm edge, TGI-Spacers, TGI-Muntins, TGI-Spacer Pellini for integral blinds,...
Broszura Technoform Polska
Broszura Technoform Polska
General overview about Technoform (in Polish) / Ogólne omówienie Technoformu w języku polskim


U-factors matter in hot climates
White paper: U-factors matter in hot climates

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