Shutter rail for sun protection

Key benefits of plastic shutter rails

Flexible, maintenance-free and noiseless solutions
Smooth, high-precision rail for reliable functioning without lubrication
High-end extrusion process for outstanding quality and reliability
Fully-customizable parts including punching, lettering, brushing, chamfering and drilling

Smooth sliding sunroof shutter rails

Certain cars with sunroofs, such as high-priced sports cars, feature a built-in shutter to protect the driver (and passengers) from the heat of the sun. Guided over a rail, when made of metal, it can be noisy and annoying when the shutter is opened and closed.

Our plastic guide rail with plastic inlay offers a flexible, maintenance-free solution. The high-precision internally calibrated hollow chamber of the guide rail guarantees the silent, smooth sliding of the plastic rail with no lubrication needed. Produced from polyamide 6.6 with 25 % fiberglass reinforcement, the plastic shutter rails are durable, hardwearing and can be fully customized to your needs.

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