cover profile control cabinet image

Locating and cover profiles for control cabinets

High-precision profiles

Our high-end extrusion method allows for the production of highly accurate profiles, tailored to your individual needs. Enjoy a high-precision solution with maximum tolerances of ±0.05 mm for reliable positioning and failure-free operation of electronics.

Excellent fire safety credentials

Complex electronics and constant contact with electricity can pose a fire risk. Our self-extinguishing plastic, classified in terms of UL94 as V-0, complies with industry-specific fire protection standards to mitigate risk. Moreover it is free of red phosphor and halogens for added fire safety.

Durable solution

Extruded from polyamide 6 V-0, this semi-crystalline thermoplastic offers good damping and wear properties for a long-lasting, durable solution.

High-precision locating and cover profiles

At the center of any system, depending on the application, electrical control cabinets contain many diverse components. Within this environment, locating and cover profiles help to ensure effective functioning and safety.

Our custom-made profiles, with current-carrying copper elements and assembly clips help ensure the safe and precise positioning of components for efficient control cabinet installation and failure-free operation of the electronics inside.

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