Infrared transparent plastic profiles

High-precision profiles

Light grid sensors protect employees during the operation of plants and machinery. These sensors require special housing, typically made from two components, to ensure mechanical stability and cover the sensor. Our high-precision profiles, made from IR-permeable plastic, are able to accurately fulfill both tasks in one single component. This ensures the accuracy of the sensor and the safety of your employees.

Easy installation

Using IR-permeable materials to manufacture the profiles as a single component makes for a straightforward installation process. Our extrusion process renders highly accurate internal and external contours, creating a single piece that doesn't require assembly. Installation is therefore simplified: now there is just the insertion of a sensor, an improvement on existing systems (with two parts) which have to be put together.

Custom-made IR housing

Depending on the application and sensor used, individual requirements for the sensor housing can vary enormously. Benefit from a high-end extrusion process which allows for the design and production of plastic housings according to your specific needs.

IR-permeable profiles for improved safety

In industrial buildings, light grid sensors are used to protect against accidents. During the operation of plants, these infrared sensors, mounted on machines, doors or high-bay storage systems shut down machinery when the beam is broken. Typically the housing of these sensors comprises of two parts: one part to hold the sensor in place, and another which serves as a cover. Assembly and installation can be laborious.

By making housing profiles entirely from coloured IR-permeable materials, the profiles can be manufactured as a single component. This helps to ensure maximum performance with a simplified installation process. High precision inside and out, our profiles can be custom-made to your individual needs and requirements to ensure the safety of your employees.

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