Fenestration Heat Gain in the Tropics



How can our thermal insulation solutions address these challenges?

Thermal break

Fenestration frames typically represent 10% - 30% of the total fenestration area. It is often made of aluminum, which is a good conductor of heat with a material thermal conductivity of 160W/mK, which is 160 times more conductive than glass.

By using a thermal break, the interior and exterior aluminum sections can be separated, substantially reducing the heat gain through the fenestration frames and ensuring better indoor thermal comfort.

Technoform Thermal break is made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide, an engineering plastic with:

  • Low thermal conductivity (~533 times lower than aluminum)
  • Excellent mechanical properties 

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Warm edge spacer

Double glazed units are typically separated by aluminum spacers, which have high thermal conductivity, resulting in heat transfer at the edge of glass.

However, Technoform Warm edge spacer is a thermally improved spacer made of polypropylene and stainless steel, and has a linear thermal transmittance almost 2 times better than traditional aluminum spacer. Hence, heat transfer at the edge of glass is substantially reduced.

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green building

Pushing the Boundaries of Sustainability

How are we contributing to a greener built environment?

Our commitment to greening the built environment

Guaranteeing sustainability is at the core of what we do – every single day. Our solutions constantly insulate windows, doors, and facades to the highest degree, conserving valuable global resources in the process. To date, our thermal insulation solutions have helped to save approximately 119 billion kWh of energy per annum, which is equivalent to 2.16 billion trees saved annually.

Our solutions have been recognized by the government for their energy saving potential and are featured in the SLEB Technology Directory in Singapore, a platform that provides insightful information about energy-efficient technologies. It is an initiative rolled out by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and aims to help building owners and developers adopt sustainable and innovative technologies in order to achieve their Super Low Energy target.

We have also received various local and international green building product certifications, as well as an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

We are also a proud member of the following regional green building associations. By joining as an industry partner, we hope to value-add by sharing our 50 years of know-how in thermal insulation of building façade, supporting the industry in optimizing building energy efficiency and the development of greener buildings.

As we continue to expand our efforts in the Southeast Asian region, we look forward to working closely with more industry stakeholders to create a greener built environment – one building façade at a time.



What are the services that we provide?
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It’s our true belief in a strong partnership with our partners that makes the difference.

At Technoform, we work with our partners to develop thermal insulation solutions for the building facade. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Consultation on design and optimization of the thermal zone in facade systems to meet your performance targets
    • Total fenestration performance simulation to achieve best price/performance ratio
    • Simulation reports to showcase conformity to project requirements
    • Durable design for insulating glass edge bond performance
  • Support and documentation for the specification of thermal break and warm edge technology in your windows and facade design
  • Technical support for thermal break assembly and IGU manufacturing processes
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Product Information

Insulation Solutions
Technoform Thermal Break Specification Sheet

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Edge Bond Solutions
colors and sizes
Technoform Warm edge spacer Colors and Sizes

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es spec sheet
Technoform Warm Edge Spacer Specification Sheet

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Green Product Certification

Singapore Green Building Product certificate (Thermal break)

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Singapore Green Building Product Certificate (Warm edge spacer - SP 13)

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Passive House Component phB (Warm edge spacer - SP12, SP13 and SP14)

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Singapore Green Building Product Certificate (Warm edge spacer - SP 12)

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Singapore Green Building Product Certificate (Warm edge spacer - SP14)

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Passive House Component phA (Warm edge spacer - SP16)

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