Slide profile for forklift forks

Heavy-duty profiles

Highly resilient
Extremely smooth surfaces
Optimized sliding properties
Made-to-measure profiles

Let us do the heavy lifting

To help carry heavy goods, forklift trucks are equipped with a mast with a slide profile to anchor the two cantilevered arms (forks) that bear the load. The material used for this purpose must have high mechanical resilience to sustain the weight, and be well lubricated to counteract high levels of abrasion between metal components. This lubricant collects dust and metal pieces, therefore needing to be frequently replaced; this becomes both expensive and time consuming.

Our hard-wearing plastic profiles are extruded with incredibly smooth surfaces thanks to our special extrusion process. Made from modified materials with sliding additives, they deliver optimal sliding properties without the need for additional lubricants. This means less time spent on maintenance and more time in operation to help lighten the load.

Materials for slide profiles for forklifts

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