Protective sheathing for Bowden cable parts

Made-to-measure solutions

Our Bowden cable sheaths are made to meet individual customer requirements for the smooth running of Bowden cable parts and entire systems alike. We know that every application is different and our custom-made profiles are designed accordingly.

Optimum protection

Designed with optimum protection of the Bowden cable parts in mind, our flexible pipes feature thin walls and good tribological properties. Matching the profile to the inner component, making them optimum sliding partners, helps to withstand wear and friction to ensure effective transmission of forces.


Benefit from a high-end extrusion method which delivers high-precision contours and profiles to meet your specific needs. Our methods ensure that the extruded pipes have an internally calibrated hollow compartment with a precise inner contour for first-class performance.

Flexible Bowden cable sheathing

Frequently found in machines and engines, Bowden cables transmit mechanical force or energy by the movement of an inner cable, relative to a hollow outer cable housing or sheath. This sheath protects the internal component to ensure the effective transmission of forces.

The requirements placed upon these Bowden cable parts are high: the sheathing must be flexible and demonstrate high levels of tribological resistance (against friction and wear). And, depending on the application, high chemical resistance may also be necessary. Our made-to-measure sheathing meets these demands with a precise, flexible solution with excellent sliding properties for optimum protection of the inner component.

Materials for sheathing of a bowden cable

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